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External lightning protection

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Lightning protection of its types and methods of installation, grounding - what is required, and the easiest method of installation.

External lightning protection - a set of measures and devices to protect the house from the harmful influence of the direct hit zip to your "castle." External lightning protection can be both active and passive.

šDirect appointment system external lightning protection - protection against direct damage (hit) a devastating lightning strike to the building and its wall structure (ventilation, chimneys, satellite dishes, solar generators ...), the interception of lightning (electrical charge) and holding it in place on the ground shortest path.
In most cases, installation and designing (Calculations) of the external lightning protection involves the use of several kinds or types of lightning protection on the one property much rarer projects lightning which comprises only one type of lightning - External, internal, or active.

Types of external lightning protection:
š- Interception grid (spatial cell)
š- Protection of tubular or rod Lightning
š- Interception rods
š- Rope lightning

š- Lightning-standing masts with Active tips
3.Vnutrennyaya lightning
š- Surge (OPN), (SPD)
ššššThe complex of any lightning protection includes Ground - as a major part of the lightning protection is not detachable

ššInstallation of Lightning Protection - begins with a survey of earth ground loop if it is, or ground at home. If the ground rather weak or absent due to damage or natural events - will need to install a new ground, or to work on the restoration Functional earth.

For the installation of lightning protection - in Ukraine, according to the norms DSTU B.2.5-38-2008 "lightning protection device buildings and structures "or IEK 62305:2006 organization must have a license to carry MES installation and maintenance inspection of lightning protection systems.

ššššThe materials that are used for installation of an external lightning protection devices:
Materials for lightning protection are made from three basic types of metal steel, aluminum and copper is the minimum acceptable The cross sections of these materials depending on the application and design of theirs.

Lightning - lightning part, designed to intercept lightning.
Lightning - tubular or rod, usually small lightning diverters up to 5.5 meters in length mounted on the high points of buildings - chimneys, ventilation shafts, skates the roof can be used and decorative designs (vane). Mainly used aluminum Lightning - A relatively strong and well-resilient design of aluminum air terminal, is also aluminum has a good resistance to corrosion.

So as lightning diverters may be steel, free-standing structures on the surface land in the form of "Flagstaff" to 25metrov or design the most famous interception tower Eiffel Tower ☺ 300metrov - if the area of ​​the plot allows can order a copy at a reduced size. When used on such ACTIVE tips masts allowed to cover a much larger "zone of protection" from lightning.
The collector (descent) - part of a lightning rod, designed to drain current from the lightning air terminal to the earth.

Earthing connection - A set of earthing and grounding conductors.
Earthing - conductive part or totality of connected each conductive portions in electrical contact with the ground, either directly or via a conductive environment.
Ground loop - grounding conductor in the form of a closed loop around the building to the ground or on the surface. Types of earthing and grounding methods of installation at all stages of construction.
Let us try to consider example of installation of lightning protection for the building and calculate its value.

1 The collector - copper wire, aluminum or Galvanized steel diammetrom 8-10mm
2 The holder of the current lead (ridged holder or the holder of the plate or PVC holder is selected in the preliminary examination of the object), depending on the roof material and the current collector is made of stainless steel and painted to look like copper stainless steel is galvanized
š3 variadic-universal connector shunts connector 8-10mm
4 Such a raised design of the collector is doing installers during the installation Lightning its size 20-25cm
5 Lightning trubchasty or aluminum rod diameter 16mm
6 Clem seam-band lightning to the structure of the metal in this case, the chimney hood
7 Installation of air terminal made special holders, in a particular case, simple holders, but there are isolated long up to 80cm (when using an isolated lightning protection can be up to 3m)
8 Connector - with an aluminum current collector lightning. Transition connector diameter 16mmna diameter 8-10mm (an interesting thing: if lightning aluminum, and lead is Copper is used soediniteliz STAINLESS STEEL or bimetallic)
9 Connector for watercourse (rynvy)
10 Bracket collector in the facade or the holder of the current lead with clamp for pipes - each house individually chosen by designers or lightning protection installers
11 connector or connector transition gap between the current collector and the 8-10mm strip (30mm, 25mm and 40mm, the main dimensions of the strip) ceded ground to the grounding
12 band ground again the same can be made of steel, copper, stainless steel, not aluminum
13 Joints ground loop bandwidth and earthing transition universal clip art.5001641 usually wrapped HB-tape impregnated with oil (art.2360055)
14 Earthing deep art.5000750 or any other electrically conductive structure resistant to corrosion
15 The lower tip art.3041212-helps to improve the passage of grounding in the thickness of the soil
16 The earthing of the building and the loop lightning - the band laid in the soil at a depth of 0.5-0.8 cm indented from the foundation of 1-1.5 meters

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