Electrical Power Market, LLC
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Electrical Power Market, LLC

The company "Elektro market" - are positioning themselves in the market of Ukraine as a kit and Installation Company.
We complete - construction organizations and private developers, industry and government agencies. Installation of Lightning Protection and Grounding industrial and private buildings "turnkey".
ššLightning protection - the "Standard" or "passive", "active", "Internal lightning protection"
ššGround - "Deep" or "modular", "fundamental" and "Ground loop"

Passive Lightning

In the passive lightning protection, or as it is referred to as the "standard" The specialists of our organization uses material world manufacturers, such as "OBO Bettermann" and "Elko-Bis" etc.
Components for lightning protection systems are used:
- Copper - lightning diverters, current leads, Connectors, Holders;
- Aluminium - lightning diverters, current leads, connectors, holders;
- Galvanized - Lightning, current leads, connectors, holders;
- Stainless Steel - current leads, connectors, holders;
- Brass - Connectors, Holders;
- Bi-metal - Connectors.

Active Lightning

In the active lightning protection - Our specialists are set lugs manufacturers such as "Shirtec" and "Indelec", etc.
Accessories materials for active lightning protection systems are used:
- Copper - current leads, connectors, holders;
- Aluminium - Current leads, connectors, holders;
- Zinc - interception rods to 25metrov.

Internal Lightning

Internal lightning protection - protection against over-voltage and electromagnetic voltage drifts, the company Elektro highest European market and experts suggest using mounting arresters "OBO Bettermann."
Surge arresters for chastnyx, commercial, and industrial sectors. For all types of objects:
- Residential;
- Industrial;
- Public. "Electrical Power Market" pattern during installation uses all types of surge arresters - spark gaps, arresters for information technology, telekomunikativnye limiters, surge point, grozorozryadniki high voltage.

Equipotential - part of Inner lightning protection and grounding, which often many people forget in the process of editing and designing.


Ground for Ukrainian consumers - In-depth rekamenduem grounding (earthing pin) produced by "OBO Bettermann" - Germany. But there is a possibility deliveried of installation and other grounders other manufacturers as zinc and copper-clad.
To mount earth materials used are resistant to corrosion, and current carrying respectively.
- Copper (copper-clad steel) - Connectors, grounding, band, sleeves and adapters ... ;
- Galvanized steel - grounding, grounding strip, f10mm rod, connectors, etc. ..;
- Waterproofing materials, wells audit.

Wholesale Options

Options individuals, Ltd., PP, mills and factories, and other organizations - by agreement of cooperation. Complete solution for all electrical and lighting systems produuktsii. Automation and low-voltage equipment, switchboards Equipment, Cable TV, Electrical installation equipment, systems wiring in the floor, wiring systems in metallic boxes and trays, insulating materials, selling everything from 1200.00 USD. subject to the signing of the Treaty cooperation.
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